How to choose corrugated boxes?

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Corrugated material presentation

1. Single Face: One corrugated fiberboard is glued to one flat sheet of the liner board.

Single Face

2. Single Wall: One piece of fluted material glued between two pieces of the liner.

Single Wall

3. Double Wall: Two pieces of fluted material glued between three pieces of the liner.

Double Wall

4. Triple Wall: Consists of three pieces of fluted glued between four pieces of the liner.

Triple Wall

5. Common Appearance: All are made from sustainable fibres and are 100% recyclable.

Common Appearance

6. WA Board: White Outside Liner Kraft Medium & Inside Liner.

WA Board

7. Double White Board: A key choice for printed packaging solutions.

Double White Board

8. A-Flute: The cushioning properties for fragile or heavy products.


9. B-Flute: Provides good stacking strength and crushing resistance.


10. C-Flute: Provides good cushioning, stacking, and printing properties.


11. E-Flute: An excellent choice for die-cut custom boxes.


12. F-Flute: POP displays, as well as small retail packaging.


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