How to distinguish the special finish of paper box decoration?

Table of Contents

Special Finish Presentation

1. Foil Stamping: Heat transferred foil onto the paper surface. gold, silver, copper, etc

Foil Stamping

2. Spot UV / Spot Gloss: Spot UV coating cured on specific areas, matt or glossy is ok.

Spot UV / Spot Gloss

3. Embossing: Special process creates a raised pattern on the surface.


4. Debossing: Special process that creates a recessed pattern on the surface.


5. Raised hot stamping: Special process that creates a raised hot stamping.

Raised hot stamping

6. Flocking / Glittering: Special process that creates spot or full Flocking / Glittering

Flocking / Glittering

7. Texture Graining: Texture Graining or called special embossing & debossing.

Texture Graining

8. Spot Fluorescent: After absorbing the light source, it can emit bright light in the dark.

Spot Fluorescent

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